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@pleiades has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Serving human content, mostly.


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Here's the links for those who can't get enough of it!


00:00 wSwW - (((☨))) ∰ ການຂ້າຕົວເອງ, ໃນຫ້ອງນອນ
12:46 Synergy & Signal - Exile
17:02 ΔXIUS LIИK x ножевые ранения - NНΞЙ
21:16 Ludique - Cherry Blossom
25:56 FLESH - Black crown
31:26 EYESTY - boadicea
33:42 Purple Hex - Alone Again
37:58 Iиfected Uиicorn - Matushka Toska
41:28 shxpe - secret message
48:20 Man Of No Ego & Logical Elements - It's All In The Mind

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M'aiq wonders, who tutors tooters to toot, and is it harder to toot or to tutor tooters to toot?

A comical video of my daughter performing a monologue written by the same person who wrote the stories I narrated which appear on this website.

In this role, she plays an embittered TV Chef who may have a little problem with booze.

Contains liberal amounts of swearing etc.


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Hey, maybe you never saw this. Every aspect of it is an important piece of me. And I need to share it with you (and with myself) once every few months.

Put your art into the world. Don't waste any more time.


A dear Buddhist friend of mine invited me for a cream tea at our local community hall.

Hi José! Hugs back :) Spent all afternoon at a friend's who has an amazing garden and had lunch and drank wine.

How was your Friday?

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Bonjour les choupimouths sémillants, il fait beau et chaud juste ce qu'il faut aujourd'hui, j'espère chez vous aussi. Imprégnez-vous de cette douce énergie lumineuse et réconfortante qui descend sur vous.
Besoin d'un rafraîchissement ? Je vous envoie des bisous bien frais. Prenez soin de vous et des vôtres, vous êtes des trésors.
😚 🌷 ☀️

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After leaving Berlin and spending a couple of weeks with my family I arrived in my new home Taiwan where I had to undergo two weeks of self-isolation. I crammed most of my gear into my luggage so I could set up my little studio right away. What came into being is this three track EP:


@eishiya Thanks again for helping me to embed the Bandcamp webplayer ☺️

#ambientmusic #darkambient #soundscapes #fieldrecordings #shamanic #music #audio

"Essentially, medical research has inexorably turned into an industry. A very lucrative industry. Many medical journals now charge authors thousands of dollars to publish their research. This ensures that it is very difficult for any researcher, not supported by a university, or a pharmaceutical company, to afford to publish anything, unless they are independently wealthy."


For those with a penchant for verbose, antiquated English and slightly surreal detective stories, a second yarn has been added here - again narrated by myself.


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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change." - Carl Rogers

"Communion" (1989) by - Whitley Strieber - starring Christopher Walken.

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When will we learn that hate simply doesn't work? Next to fear, it is the biggest cause of separation that exists.

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