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Feeling a bit melancholic today, which seemed like the right mood to do a little recording of Someday my Prince will come. Enjoy if you like.

#jazz #guitar

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Here's the first in a series I'll attempt to be persistent at. It's an #improvisation and wholly #ambient. Well, depending on your idea of ambient, of course. No preparation, just big fun.


#music #drone #DroneMusic #AmbientGuitar

Rediscovering Ragas. Very nourishing for the nervous system.

Good morning.

Hand-grinding these coffee beans comprises this morning's physical exercise.

Most days I use a Bullworker. 😀

The most rewarding online experience I've had today has been viewing sites using by @oppen


Not much makes me angry any more, but biting my tongue because of this new denture *really* makes me angry. (Albeit for about 3 seconds)

“Medical science has made such tremendous progress
that there is hardly a healthy human left.”

~ Aldous Huxley

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Feedback please!

This is a demo taken from a spontaneous meditation I've recorded for a project that's been commissioned.

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First draft of a small solo meditative larp for many beings.


Refine tomorrow, layout shortly.

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I need to develop a chatbot for my job as an exercise, but haven't managed to come up with any interesting ideas for it. My colleagues are working on a chatbot for a mortgage company and I cannot think of a more boring and dull project. Please help me coming up with funny and/or stupid ideas for a chatbot! I just don't want to do freaking mortgages lol

As promised, just a few more shots from my recent trip to Folkestone:


‘The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.’ - - William Blake

Sculpture of a mermaid looking out to sea in Folkestone, Kent. Made from a body cast of a local resident.

Wow. Free 75mb of WiFi data on this SouthEastern train 😁 @alan

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