@pleiades Yes, just following some of @jayrope links led me to this one. Wikipedia has an interesting article.

@omnicaritas Minimalism has grown on me. It started with dub reggae which was too simple for me when I first heard it. At the time I was into jazz, fast solos, clever funky things and I couldn't appreciate simplicity and repetition. Then one day I heard how beautiful a simple repetitive rhythm was. And that was it, a whole new world of music opened up to me.


I have a bit of "history" with playing and writing music too, Peter.

Perhaps we can chat about it this week if I give you a bell.

@omnicaritas Yes, certainly, that will be interesting. Be warned thoug, I've never had the perseverance to learn an instrument beyond playing a simple tune badly, so I can't call myself a musician.

@omnicaritas Tim, why didn't you boost In C to your mastodon.online audience instead of to deepnexus where there's only the 3 of us?

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