Now that we found love, what are we going to do with it?

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@peter Hahahahahah, dude I cannot watch these guys without smiling hahahah. Their faces, movements, music, just lol. Great vibes! Would be great to be there dancing with them. Goosebumps!

@pleiades I've danced to this in a room full of joyous people all filled with love, all really meaning it at the time. I wonder what happened to those people. I hope they didn't lose it and get sucked into mire of maya.

I bet we've all got a song that brings back wonderful memories.

@peter I can definitely relate. I miss festivals so much. Not big, commercial festivals, but the small focused ones where a small group of people dance to the music in the forest as a close family vibrating together. I did not even need to look at them, I could directly feel them, it was such a beautiful feeling, a feeling of happiness and connection, as if a tower of light was being built on top of us. No need for drugs at all, just ourselves feeling the music.

@pleiades Woh! It's really touching to read about no need for drugs at all, just ourselves feeling the music. I've been there too. Better than a rave where everyone's on ecstacy, although such a rave is the nearest thing to it and that's why they were so popular. I hope those e people somehow never forget the feeling and are doing whatever they can to get to that feeling without drugs. I'm sure it's all possible.

@peter It's definitely possible, I've taken insane amounts of drugs in the past and eventually I just realized it is much better without them. Drugs create a lot of noise, deplete your energy and attract certain entities that distort the frequency. Raves are especially noisy in this regard, however with a lot of strength these guests can be overcome. But a lot of effort because so many drugs lol That's why I love certain festivals, people are much more lucid in them.

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