I'm really hungry
Surely you love me, don't you?
Please spare me some food

I am a black sheep
Don't really care what you think
I'm black and I'm proud

For millenia
I've endured cold wet winters
I'll soon wear new clothes!

Springing into life
And looking for adventure
But days are numbered


I'm here, I waited
For your bright, warm, kind caress
You did not fail me

Now you play with me
I bow down in reverence
And then I dazzle!

You open my heart
A spectacular outburst!
Thank you, I love you


This shop in Accrington has been empty for many years and it makes such a statement that I'm posting it here as

Cheap camera used for

My questionable brain.

If you look carefully at the bottom of my cup you will see a question mark or a brain stem that have appeared as dots in the glaze and are now permanent. Mmm...

Deep Nexus

A psychic nexus for hearts and minds where disciples of experience gratefully accept Life's presents.