I've been doing it on the hour every hour and for me it's got better every time.

Just so long as you don't actively block it or try to prove it doesn't work, it doesn't matter if you believe it works or not because healing always does you good and you'll feel it more every time you repeat it.

Whether it will change Bill et al is another matter. The "normal" channels aren't working. Healing is powerful, I've had success in the past, it can do no harm, so let's try our best. Thank you all. ❤️

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I'm going to send healing to and their cohorts that they are transformed and from now on all they do will be for the greatest good of all.

You can help by drawing on your love, turning any hate or anger into passion, and invoking or praying that the universal good will flow through you to them so that you and they are healed for the greatest good of all.

NB: please do not deliberately send harm or it will rebound and harm you

I will do it on each hour for 1 or 2 mins. Thanks!

BBC coverage observation, royal family 

@B3N Wall-to-wall coverage using previously prepared material to ensure everyone gets to hear how wonderful he was.

When in the future anything is said against him, all listeners/viewers will be shocked at such outrageous viewpoints made after the man was no longer there to defend himself.

The media can turn anyone into a saint or a sinner. We'll never know the truth about the royal family, they are too well protected.

@pleiades Woh! It's really touching to read about no need for drugs at all, just ourselves feeling the music. I've been there too. Better than a rave where everyone's on ecstacy, although such a rave is the nearest thing to it and that's why they were so popular. I hope those e people somehow never forget the feeling and are doing whatever they can to get to that feeling without drugs. I'm sure it's all possible.

@pleiades Service to ego - yes, I like that. You're very good with words, and they are English and you're Spanish. The fediverse is very fortunate to have such a multi-gifted dude in its midst.

@pleiades @nd Yes, sleep is a beautiful thing, the hand of a Saint is very apt. Is there a connection do you know with palo santo, which is the most beautiful fragrance I've ever smelled?

@pleiades I've danced to this in a room full of joyous people all filled with love, all really meaning it at the time. I wonder what happened to those people. I hope they didn't lose it and get sucked into mire of maya.

I bet we've all got a song that brings back wonderful memories.

@pleiades Interesting idea, will have to think about that one!

@pleiades Yes, intention is a very powerful force. We can use intention to reach the Self, ask the Self for help and to heal for the greatest good of all. For me prayer and intention mean the same thing, both are so much more than repeating words.

@pleiades I also think nothing is gained by killing people. I went to a meeting by people involved in the rehabilitation of pedophiles. Lots of people were calling for them to be named, shamed, locked up etc but the counsellors had so much love they convinced everyone there, I think, they needed therapy, rehab, love and kindness just like everyone else. Although it may not be obvious to most of us, there's a lot of amazing work going on by people who have hearts full of LOVE.

@pleiades It may seem that way, but I have faith that the distortion is part of the illusion and all is well in reality. Service to self is the same as service to others really because it is all service to the Self when done by the Self for the Self.

But making that happen "on earth as it is in heaven" is a huge task. But it's amazing what people can do with their brains - incredible advances - so perhaps there can be a way to "flick the switch" and they'll put their hearts into everything.

@pleiades It's hard to remember Billy has a higher self. If we take him at face value and look for the good in him, we'll agree with his words about saving the world etc.

But the good in him isn't in his words or actions. Like you say, it is his higher self. He has one somewhere but it's very hard to find.

Please show us some of your higher self, Bill!

Now that we found love, what are we going to do with it?


@dallin That's a beautiful quote.

Yes, I think that may be the only way out of the craziness - to dive into the goodness within us, be true to our true selves and find more love and compassion than we ever found before.

All religions preach LOVE. I hope that all religious people, and indeed all people, will accept that LOVE is the only way and the only way is LOVE and come together in LOVE in these terrible times. We can make this ❤️ real. We ALL have infinite goodness within us.

@dallin "Sometimes there is nothing you can do but pray. But prayer can be powerful."

I always think there must be something practical we can do to show the evil ones (the ones we can't get near or communicate with) there is something much better, more fulfilling for them, than playing God and gathering all the resources of the world into their ownership. But perhaps they'll only understand that when it's too late.

Meanwhile, perhaps it's as you say, there's nothing we can do but pray. 😢

@nd @pleiades Thanks, you'd be a good mum to me! Sleep is also very valuable for health and protection against covid.

I was going to write something about "Just for today, be kind to all living things" but I have a problem with the ruling elite. Can we be kind to them? Should we be kind to them? Should we ignore them?

Jesus said "love thy enemy" and "forgive them father, they know not what they do". Can we / should we find such compassion?

I'm stuck, all constructive comments welcome.

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