FYI my freezer is rubbish.. it's all defrosted itself partially several times in the past and has done again recently..

I have some years worth of frozen food in it. So I am going to eat it...

Nothing has killed me yet!


@kat Cool just remember to cook it first lmao I mean unless eating frozen food is your thing, then I respect it. I tried once but it hurt my teeth.

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@pleiades well tonights lucky dip was a vegetarian chilli with TVP chunks

@kat Yummy! Must try one day. I've got great results using TVP chunks in bolognese pasta and soup-like dishes. It can taste very well when properly spiced, plus texture is pleasant. Cannot say the same about tofu, no matter how I prepare it, it always tastes like some sort of organic plastic material :phil: Please share your chili recipe at some point! 🙂

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